Silicone cup "Kiss series"

The silicone cap that you can tip it over without dripping, and can drink biting down lightly on the cap without opening the cap.
As Kiss is a Universal Design product, everyone from a young child to an elder can use them easily and safety.

2009 the Good Design Award ( Small and Medium Enterprises rewards)
The Kids Design Award 2010 Universal Safety Prize (METI Minister Award)
The Barrier-Free, Universal Design Contributors Awards 2010 Cabinet Office Award

The Kiss for cups.
The silicon cap for cups (The size of lip of cups is limited from 75mm to 80mm)
-materials:Silicone rubber
-Made in Japan
The Kiss2 for PET bottles
The silicone cap for common PET bottles.
-size: only a body W34/D43/H40
with a cover W37/D47/H48
-materials: Silicone rubber/cover PP
-Made in Japan
the K2 bottle
the bottle which has original shapes you can drink without twisting your neck.
-size: 4mm in diameter/H212mm
-materials: Silicone rubber/AS/PP
-Made in Japan



silicone block

Silicone cup